About Us

Welcome to SGL Accounting and Business Solutions

The business where everybody counts.

Who We Are

We are creative entrepreneurs with a common denominator:  helping business owners solve business problems, add value and serve their daily business needs. 

Why we do it

Your dreams are not average, and you want to impact the lives of people around you. We want you to materialize your vision by taking the numbers side and financial tasks off your plate.

How we do it

We start the journey together.  We give you a specially designed service that focuses on letting you concentrate on achieving your vision. 



Let’s start with a discovery call and see if we are fit to work together.  We gather your specific needs and arrange a roadmap of services to meet your business goal. We give you upfront pricing. 



We’ll implement the crafted strategy and make improvements along the way.  We’ll make sure that all services catered are working for you and your business.



As you scale up, we’ll make recommendations to solve your growing needs. We’ll also guide you on how to make use of available services to make decisions. 

Why Choose Us?

Aside from the many reasons below, it’s because we are not traditional and boring accountants.  We’re not number crunchers and don’t do fancy accounting talk. 

We believe in the efficiency and effectiveness of work delivered. No need to break the bank for a professional job.

We don’t want you to miss any deadline. You also get the result-oriented project.

We are very flexible and can customize what you need.  It should be aligned with your budget and business goals.  We are at our best if we are excited about the project.  If it’s not our expertise, we would be happy to refer you to our colleagues. 

We know you are busy and we make sure to be as responsive as possible because we believe that your time is better spent in growing your business not on waiting for us. 

We don’t just set up and do the services for you mechanically.  We guide you, give advice and recommendations as necessary to help you maximize your profitability.  You will not be left alone with a half-baked project. 

We are zealous accountants who love savvy social.  We operate in a paperless environment by using cloud-based technology.  You will be taught how to use it until you adapt to it. 

We are certified users and advisors Of QuickBooks Online. Our training is continuous to give you the best.

We are committed to our work.  We want to give you value by continuously honing and improving our craft. 

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As they say, accounting is possibly the most boring and probably the most confusing subject in the world.  But if you want your business to thrive, it could be the most important thing.

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