When It’s Time to Outsource Accounting and Tax Services

outsourcing accounting and tax services

When do you think you need to outsource your accounting/bookkeeping?  

Here are some signs (but there could be more)-

1. Bookkeeping is eating up your time.

You are scurrying your books to get balanced. The time you should better spend innovating or growing your business.

2. Your books are never updated.

Thence, you neglected it for months or years because you can not keep up anymore.  Just looking at it is giving you a headache. 

3. Tax time is a nightmare.

You can not sleep.  Always thinking of what and how much data you should put into your tax returns.  The same goes for your tax preparer.

4. There is always an uneasy feeling.

You have this fear in the pit of your stomach that the government is going after you.

5. Your cashflow becomes very unpredictable

Your cash flow does not give you the figures that you are expecting.

6. You don't know where the money is going.

Your sales have gone up but cash is short because expenses have gone up too.

7. You can not scale up

You have a very exciting idea that you believe will bring your business to the next level.  But you have no time to pursue it because you have to update your books of accounts.

8. You can not comprehend the benefits of outsourcing full accounting services that were discussed in this article:

Does this sound like you?  If your answer is ‘YES’ what course of action do you think you should do? 

"For everything we don't like to do, there's someone out there who's really good, wants to do it and will enjoy it."

-Josh Kaufman

Socorro Llamoso Abadier Quickbooks ProAdvisor , her picture visit to Canadad

Socorro L. Abadier is the founder of SGL Accounting and Business Solutions. Before establishing her practice, she worked as an Internal Auditor and Branch Manager at one of the major banks in the Philippines and as an External Auditor of one of the top 4 Accounting firms in the Philippines.